Coaching & Professional Teambuildings

Teambuilding, Team Events, Incentives, Kick-offs in whole Europe / Coaching & Supervision in Hamburg & Berlin

alstertal-coaching@ was founded by the Psychologist Christian Hemschemeier from Hamburg, Germany. In his teambuildings, he works with professional partners and an international network. Depending on the given task, he brings in a specialized, highly educated staff, who share his idea of high quality services.

The team events are created in a way, that they can be used as a team building or team training, as well as an incentive or kick-off.

The trademark alstertal-coaching® exists since 2005. It is a synonym for innovative coachings, supervisions and professional team building activities (mostly outdoors). We strive to combine seamlessly sucessful communication, problemsolving abilities, trust, commitment with an outstanding personal / team experience . 

We love to plan your team building activity

Just give us a call: +49 40 - 18 19 82 97 (Hamburg) or +49 30 - 22 80 45 09 (Berlin) or write an email - you will get detailed information.

Destination Management in Germany

We are no "normal" event agency....all of our teambuilding products are our own with no extra management fees. But nevertheless, we love to help you with your accomodation and everything else you like to have from one source.

Founder Christian Hemschemeier, Diplom-Psychologist:

"We are bound to an experience / action based form of team activities. We are sure, that real learning only comes from a concrete personal experience and that having fun helps a lot to intensify this. We strive to form every little event to give your team a direct benefit."  

Modern Teambuildings / Incentives with HiTech support

The teambuildings from alstertal-coaching® are not only characterized by outstanding psychological competence - they could also be combined with modern technics, media and communication means

  • GPS,
  • Geocaching,
  • Virtual communication (Twitter-like, Social media)
  • Tablets (iPad®  & Co) 
  • in-house developed Smartphone-App: iRallye®
    (for iPhone® / iPad® ; Android® upon request)

are only a few examples for the several possibilites to make your team buildng or team event extraordinary.