HiTech hunt for the spy

The spy tries to escape! Can your team stop him with the better strategy and communication, before he delivers his secret information?

HiTech hunt: Details

One or more agents have stolen a new, highly-lucrative type of product. Luckily you found out straight away and the agents have only a a few minutes head start. You only have 30 minutes to capture them before they escape for good!

This is a special kind of iRallye with an exciting new game concept on the iPad. The objective is to pursue a secret agent or group of secret agents in real-time. The locations of people are updated continuously on the iPads. The 2-5 catch groups need to cooperate perfectly if they are going to be able to find the secret agents in the allotted time. 

Like in a James Bond Film the catch groups see the agents on their screen (updated every 3-4min). They try to surround the agents and to find out their strategy. The agents are caught, if a catch group gets nearer than 25m. But the agents not only have to escape: They also need to solve on secret task (finding a code, making contact etc.). When this task is solved, the final checkpoint is uncovered. At this checkpoint is often the "final showdown". 

If the agents are "still alive“ after 30 minutes, the agents win. All the participants will meet up and the roles can be switched for a new game if required. 

The catch groups communicate with professional walkie-talkies. There is an additional SMS-style vommunication, too. Very active team building! 



We use our iPads with the famous iRallye® Software - und super modern walkie-talkies for quick communication. A total James Bond feeling!!

Client feedback

A very new experience of Hamburg while running through the narrow streets of St. Pauli! An exciting hunt! And the view on the iPads is just WOW!


Creativity 2
Trust 2
Communication 4
Adventure Factor 5

Well suited for....

The HiTech - especially with committed reams - is quite intense! Fun with moving, communication and a technical implementation is a prerequisite  The advantage of the HiTech hunt is, that you can do it nearly everywhere. It is also a recommendation for small teams or if there is only a limited time. A break in the middle makes sense. 

Duration: approx. 3h (or less)
Suitable groups: 6-60, more upon request
Languages: DE / EN, more upon request
Town/city: (nearly) any

 Advice for participants: wear comfy, rainproof clothing and comfortable shoes. No special sporting aptitude required, but the groups have to walk some distance. Our most active team building event.

Basic price

55 € / pers.
optional: Coffee break: 6,90 € / pers.