Quality management and job satisfaction for your team

Team supervision

For teams that want continuous quality management (often usual in the social field) DP Christian Hemschemeier offers "classic" team supervision. This may include teams of psychological experts, teams made up of various career groups, groups of doctors, social-pedagogues/ teams of educators but of course working teams in profit companies as well. 

In focus could be case supervision / case management or continuous improvement of team-intern / project-intern communication / work flow. 

For the most part humanist-systemic approaches (e.g. "TZI", R. Cohn's Theme-centred interaction) are used. For implementation in practice, event-activating methods are added. In terms of case supervision, the work is mostly based on the depth-psychological approach with the aid of systemic and body-related perspectives.

Single supervision

Of course, we also offer single supervision. If this is called "supervision" (non-profit organisations) or coaching / counseling (profit companies) doesn't really matter....


We would be more than happy to provide references in this area.


Social field: approx. 100 € / hour

Companies: from 140 €  / hour

The initial consultation is free of charge.