Nature Challenge

The special team training with low / high ropes courses elements

Nature Challenge: Details and course of action

Nature Challenge is a team training specially composed of selected activities that we offer at alstertal-coaching. It is ideal to combine a true team training and varied experiences with just having a lot of fun in a lovely scenery. 

The nature challenge is centred on mobile high and low ropes courses. These include e.g.:

  • Mohawk Walk

THE team building activity par excellence. A low ropes course at jump altitude between trees that can only be overcome by working as a team.

  • Apollo Moon Landing

One person stands on the rope – he or she may be blindfolded – and is held by other team members. The focus is on communication and trust.

  • Pirates’ Crossing

Several people cross a difficult wire stretch at the same time from two directions. Often used as a warm-up for the Mohawk Walk.

  • Crate Climbing

The team tries to build a tower from bottle crates which is as high as possible whilst being secured by the team.

  • Sky Ladder

With the team’s help, team members climb a rope ladder or a tree and, if available/ intended, jump from the top. 

Additionally we prepare matching “Adventure Tasks”. Their names are for example “The rescue of treasure out of the acid lake”, “Blind snake”, or “Swamp trail”.  All our challenges resemble in that they can only be solved by input of the whole team. Communication, trust, commitment and problem solving ability are addressed in different degrees.


After each activity, the team receives a debriefing so that it can improve from task to task. At the end, there is also a summarizing, “future-step” debriefing.


Creativity 3
Trust 5
Communication 5
Adventure Factor 5

Why low AND high ropes courses?

Mere high rope courses are exciting and match well for working on themes like trusting each other. Low rope courses, like the “Mohawk-Walk”, challenge the team in its entirety. Besides, there are always individuals that definitely do not like heights.  This combination has proved oneself to be most successful and effective.

Participants like “Nature Challenge” a lot!


The alstertal-coaching team knows about the special energy of real nature-bound teambuildings. That’s why, from our point of view, stationary event-orientated high ropes courses are not ideal for teambuildings. Our team always builds individual and mobile courses for each teambuilding; certainly meeting the ERCA standards!

Therefore our mobile construction method is much closer to nature and much more exciting.  

At the same time we, under no circumstances, cut back on safety guidelines.

Therefore, clearings, groves, e.g. are suitable locations. “Usually”  the Nature Challenge is  realized in the Alstertal Valley in Hamburg, but in fact there are endlessly different options. We would be pleased to give you detailed information about other options. 

Suitable for....

The Team Challenge is boundlessly recommendable! Also persons with fear of heights  will meet their needs, thanks to the varied program we offer. As “ground personnel” they can also take over important safety functions for the team. 

 Duration: half-day or full-time/(day), we recommend full time

Suitable group size: from 3 up to 50 participants
Languages: German/English
Location: pretty much everywhere where we can find accessible, tall trees

Advice for participants: convenient and weather-adjusted clothing, stable footwear. Average overall constitution

Basic prices

half day: approx. 90 € / participant
full day: approx. 130 € / participant