City Bound

Can you survive in the city jungle?

City Bound: Details

City Bound is a special kind of team building that above all looks to test participants' creativity and social skills. In this challenge, the team is given very special tasks relating to the city and its inhabitants which at first glance seem impossible to solve. After a preparatory phase and a period of creative cooperation, the team soon learns that it can do a lot more than it ever thought possible. (Note: these tasks have nothing to do with sports or rope courses).


Creativity 5
Trust 2
Communication 5
Adventure Factor 4

Well suited for....

City Bound is a very unusual team building, a "hidden pearl" in our program. City Bound is perfect for enhancing creativity, communication (inside the team and to the outside) and sozial skills. It could be used as a very intense teamtraining (in this case with special debriefings after each task). City Bound is also a recommendation for very small teams.

Duration: approx. 3-4h (or less)
Suitable groups: 6-100, more upon request
Languages: DE / EN, more upon request
Town/city: any, but it shouldn't be too small

 Advice for participants: wear comfy, rainproof clothing and comfortable shoes. No special sporting aptitude required.

Basic price

ca. 3-4h 48€ 

Course of events

CityBoundisa most unique approach to team-building. Special emphasis is on creativity and social dexterity. Each team receives very special tasks, regarding the city and its inhabitants, which, at first glance, may seem nearly impossible to master. After a period of preparation and creative co-operation, the team learns that it can achieve much more than it ever thought possible. (Note: the tasks need not to be sport or rope climbing related).

The teams, depending on their size, all work together (up to 15 participants), or in groups (approx. 6-10 per group). 

Examples of tasks that may await you:


Try to cook a raw egg as quickly as   possible or, perhaps, trade objects for foods and attempt to „barter” a coffee break with your team.  

              2)Social dexterity 

Create a “flash mob“, where you try to convince as many people as possible to do the exact same thing at an appointed time and document the event.  

               3) Co-operative adventures

Recover a treasure from the “Acid Sea”

It is also possible to integrate the whole team in a collective story or task, appointing parts.

As a rule, CityBoundis a co-operative team action. Another variety, working competitively, with groups challenging other groups, is also quite possible.A debriefing can be made available after the course.