Team Challenge

A diverse and intense Training for the Team – fun guaranteed

Team Challenge: Details and course of action

The team as a whole or the team divided in subgroups has to solve different kinds of “cooperative Adventure Tasks”. Their names are for example “The rescue of treasure out of the acid lake”, “Blind snake”, “Swamp trail”. All our challenges resemble in that they can only be solved by input of the whole team.

Communication, trust, commitment and problem solving ability are addressed in different degrees.

All tasks are selected and individualized with regard to the needs and requests of your very team. Specific terms, slogans or themes of your team / corporation/company can be integrated into the game/action. 

Team Challenge is a very sought after and field-tested team building. That’s why it is used as a main component in a lot of other team building activities or team incentives of alstertal-coaching, such as Beach Challenge, Nature Challenge or on a tall ship.  

Event or Team Training

All the tasks taken individually have a strong “eye-opener” effect and are just fun to do. Also, it’s an excellent choice to use them in a real team training. Tasks and problems that arise in the challenges strikingly resemble those in workaday life. Here they appear in a playful surrounding and can be addressed without stress. This happens in our short debriefings after each Task. In that way, the team is able to succeed from task to task. In the end implementation into workaday life will be discussed precisely.


Creativity 3
Trust 3
Communication 5
Adventure Factor 4

Well suited for....

The Team Challenge is boundlessly recommendable! It is the only outdoor team building that can be conducted indoor smoothly, too. Feel free to seek for our advice!

Duration: half-day or full-time/(day)
Suitable group size: from 3 up to 250 participants
Languages: German/English
Location: pretty much everywhere with enough space (indoors a double sized conference room)

Advice for participants: convenient and weather-adjusted clothing

Basic prices

half day: approx. 65 € / participant
full day: approx. 100 € / participant