Geocaching Teambuilding Event: City

Find the secret codes in the city!

Geocaching Device

Geocaching is the name for a new back-to-nature activity (modern form of scavenger hunt) in which participants seek out hidden treasures with the aid of outdoor GPS devices. Participants are also expected to solve tasks to find the right coordinates.
Geocaching can be built up variably, based on your special requirements. The main difference between the variants is whether the challenge is competitive or cooperative. In a cooperative geocaching various groups are for example forced to work together using radios, as each single person has not all necessary information to solve the whole task. An example for a challenge could be that each group has to try to be the first group while finding as many caches as possible in a particular time.

Traditionally, geocaching only really takes place in the countryside or a park. However, it also lends itself well to the urban landscape, 
A special variant is Night-Caching in which the whole thing is carried out in the dark (the countryside is better suited to this). 

Special: iRallye®

If you are interested in geocaching team events, please have a look at the iRallye®, a unique thrilling geocaching concept with iPads and our highly customizable iRallye App!


Creativity 3
Trust 2
Communication 4
Adventure Factor 4

Basic price

Geocaching cooperation 79 € / pers. 
Geocaching competition 65 € / pers.

optional: Coffee break 6,90 € / pers.

Well suited for....

Geocaching team building is a very variable, innovative format with intensive outdoor experience. Geocaching is the "classic" variant. The "modern", smartphone variant would be the iRallye®!

Duration: approx. 3-4h (or less)
Suitable groups: 6-200, more upon request
Languages: DE / EN, more upon request
Town/city: any, preferred in inner city 

 Advice for participants: wear comfy, rainproof clothing and comfortable shoes. No special sporting aptitude required, but the groups have to walk some distance.

You have a relocation of your team? With Geocaching you have the chance to discover a new city with a lot of fun while doing something for your communication. Geocaching team building strengthens the spirit of a team profoundly.