Canoe geocaching team building

Canoe treasure hunt with geo-coordinates and GPS

Geocaching is the notion for a new outdoor-activity which comprises the quest for hidden „treasures“ or codes - so called „caches“ - with the help of geo-coordinates and outdoor GPS-based navigation devices. The caches are small containers which are hidden in a creative and mostly very inconspicious way in the countryside. Examples: magnetic film containers sticked to small plates and signs, fake stones on the wayside, ampullae in a fountain etc.

Additionally, tasks have to be solved in order to find out the correct navigational coordinates.  Furthermore, the routing is only marked by air-line distance and without maps, obstacles might be on the way.

Geocaching can be designed in many different variations so that your individual requirements are perfectly met. In this special case, we focus on a special type of the Geo Challenge which is operated with canoes. When performing a Challenge, each group tries to collect as many points as possible in a limited period of time by finding the caches hidden on the water‘s edge prior to the other competing groups.

You will definately make the positive experience of re-discovering the city from A NEW PERSPECTIVE. Canoe Geocaching is a lot of fun and provides a high adventure factor.


Creativity 3
Trust 2
Communication 4
Adventure Factor 5

Feedback Froglogic, Canoe Geocaching Teambuilding on the Lake of Ratzeburg

„Thank you so much for the beautiful day in Ratzeburg/Schmielau. It was a felicitous day which was a lot of fun to everybody (I reap the praise that is actually up to you ;) and is still  continuing to have a positve effect on the atmosphere. Thanks for that, everything was just like we wished to have it.

Addtionally, thanks to your friendly team.

Swenja Thomsen“

Basic prices

for 3-4h: ca. 89 € / participants (Canoes included!)

Geocaching Competition: Course of action

The team is devided into sub-groups which compete against each other, trying to find the geocaches prior to the other groups. In order to reach this goal, you get a GPS-coordinate as well as a GPS navigational device in the beginning. With the help of these tools, the cache can be „encircled“ with the approximate accuracy of a ten metre radius. Now you have to search! The cache itself contains either a hint for further caches or it comprises  a code, which must be texted to the headquarter via SMS (you get points for that, the earlier a cache is found the higher you score). Before the Challenge starts, all teams get a technical briefing on the GPS-devices (it shouldn‘t be a problem for anyone, even not for „non-technicians“). Caches can make allusions to the company‘s slogan or something comparable if desired. Even a storyboard like „find the secret treasure of Störtebeker!“ can be realised. There might be a concluding award ceremony.

Suitable for....

The Canoe Geocaching Teambuilding is a very variable, innovative format promising an intense outdoor experience. Its adventure factore is unbelievable high. The above mentioned version is the „traditional“ one, a similar iRallye is the Smartphone version.

Duration: approx. 3-4h, in case shorter

Suitable group size: all with 6 participants or more

Languages: German / English

Location: Cities with canoe canal system, e.g. Hamburg, Berlin, Lübeck

Notes for the groups: comfortable, weatherproof clothing and shoes. No special sportiness required. The ability to swim is obligatory.